Application Logo
Water Supply Division
Water Supply Products Certification
Accredited Institution
Gas Distribution Division
Licence for Distribution of Gas
Certificate of Gas Contractor
Application for Approval to Install (ATI) Gas Piping System
Application for Approval to Operate (ATO) Gas Piping System
Certificate of Approval for Assembler, Manufacturer or Importer of Gas Fittings, Gas Appliances and Gas Equipment
Certificate of Approval for Gas Fittings, Gas Appliances or Gas Equipment
Electricity Supply Division
Certification of Approval (COA) / Import Permit
Switchboard Manufacturer
Electric Fence
Accredited Institution
Custom Department
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Water Supply Division
New / Renewal Mains Layer Licence
New / Renewal Pipe Fitter Licence
Gas Distribution Division
Certificate of Gas Competency
Electricity Supply Division
Certificate of Competency as Wireman, Chargeman, Cable Jointer, Electrical Supervisor, Competent Electrical Engineer
Certificate of Registration as an Electrical Installation Contractor